About me

Hi, I am Toni Vertanen and I Design websites, User Interfaces and Business Identities.

I have worked as a graphic designer and web designer since 1998. I have worked as a freelancer and employee for numerous finnish companies and communities. These include Finnair, Nokia, Arla Ingman, Habita, City of Lahti, Suomen Lähikauppa and Fogscreen just to mention few.

Work history

I started working as a Web Designer in Taiga Media which designed websites for forest industry.

When the dotcom bubble started forming I started a new media agency Muuntamo with my friends. I worked there as a graphic designer, web designer and project manager. This was the period in my life where I learned a lot.

After 10 years in Muuntamo, I felt a need for a change. I left the company and headed to Helsinki, where I worked in Creanor Ltd as a User Interface designer.

But I missed the freedom of running your own business. So I started my own company Toni Vertanen Design and work as a freelancer.


I have studied marketing and information technology on Lahti Polytechnic School. I have also studied graphic design in Institute of Design, Lahti.

The design industry is in constant change, especially the web design. To keep up with the changes and to become a better designer, I study all the time. Both trying out new web design techniques, and practice traditional skills like typography and grid systems.

Other activites

Running a business tends to take most of your time, but it is important to save time to other things too. On my free time I practice Japanese martial art called Aikido, which I have practiced for 15 years. I also teach it on regular basis and I am a 2nd degree Aikido instructor, certified by Finnish Aikido Association and FSF – Finnish Sport Federation. Alongside Aikido, I have also started practicing Karate, a traditional Okinawan martial art.

To keep my self fit and healthy, I like to go jogging and biking in the woods, go swimming or exercice with a kettlebell. I like to read. Beside professional literature, I like good scifi and fantasy books.